An update on the Alabama weather situation

*Radar Check: Periods of moderate/heavy rain continues to fall and shift east in the unstable airmass over North Alabama this afternoon. Most of you are experiencing a good soaking today.

*Strong storms are still possible as we get into the late afternoon hours, but the good news is the large rain mass over North Alabama is helping destabilize the airmass which means that it will be much harder for those storms to develop later this afternoon where rain is falling. We will more than likely still see some thunderstorm activity, but it will be less significant than what it first looked like this morning. Best chance of seeing those strong storms this afternoon will come over Central and South Alabama where there hasn’t been hardly any rainfall today so therefore the air remains unstable south of I-20.

*I do note SPC has a made a slight change in their day one convective outlook. Much of Central Alabama is in the standard “slight” severe weather risk while the rest of the state is in a “marginal risk”. Storms will pack a punch wherever they form later this afternoon.

*Here is at look at the HRRR(High Resolution Rapid Refresh) simulated radar loop over the next 15 hours…

Stay tuned for further updates..