In case you aren’t familiar with how the weather is in Alabama during the Summer, then I hope this will help you and answer all of your questions. I have been doing weather a long time now, but I really haven’t written one of these little articles like this so I thought I would spend some time and finally do one and explain Summer weather in Alabama and what you can expect.

*First off, we typically have 7–9 hours of pure sunshine with very hot temperatures. Usually in the mid to upper 90s with some days being warmer. The airmass over Alabama is moist and very humid. You can tell just how humid it is when you walk out your door in the mornings and start your day. Summer days are just simply hot and most of the time it’s hard for cooler air to move in and cause temperatures to drop.

*If you have lived in Alabama for a long period of time or even your whole life like I have, then you should know it rains here just about everyday and it seems like we never catch a break from the wet weather. Showers and storms are possible every single day during the Summer. The reason for this is plenty of moisture flows up from the Gulf of Mexico along with the daytime heating process. This causes scattered showers and thunderstorms to fire up during the late afternoon and evening hours. These cells are usually slow moving and last up to 30–45 minutes and because of that they can pack a punch before they eventually rain themselves out.

*I often get asked what will the weather be like in a certain community and the answer is I simply don’t know. The chances of storms developing in the afternoon are pretty high, but I won’t be able to tell you where those storms will form until I actually see it on radar. Even the trolls and know it alls don’t know where those storms will form. It’s just impossible to know. You can be at a place where it is absolutely doing nothing, but a mile down the road it is coming a downpour. That’s how the weather works here in Alabama during the Summer.

*Severe Weather in Alabama during Summer is very rare and we more than likely won’t have any severe weather threats. Organized severe weather won’t be expected at all. This also means there won’t be any threat for tornadoes. It’s just not common to have severe weather in Alabama during Summer so there’s no need to worry. However, some of those stronger storms that develop can cause some problems by producing strong gusty winds and frequent cloud to ground lightning. Small hail is sometimes possible as well over a cold air aloft. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are sometimes issued because of this, but not often. Our severe weather season has now officially ended and the next chance of severe weather in Alabama won’t come until after September once we get into the Fall season.

*The final thing I want to address is that regular phone weather apps won’t help you when getting weather forecasts during the Summer. They are usually in accurate and are really not useful at all. So keep that in mind if you check weather forecasts on your phone everyday.

So that pretty much sums up how weather in Alabama works during Summer. I hope this answers all of your questions moving forward. Welcome to Summer 2015!

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