Severe Storms Are Likely Across Alabama Today/tonight

Active weather is ahead for Alabama today/tonight as severe weather is likely statewide.

Here’s my latest thinking…

*SETUP: A strong surface low with good upper support will setup near Chicago near today with a training front. This will be responsible for bringing a round of strong/severe storms to the state today/tonight. Instability values will rise to over 1,000 joules today and wind shear values are high enough to support a few rotating updrafts.

*PLACEMENT: SPC maintains the standard “slight” risk for much of Alabama while a “marginal” risk extends down into extreme South Alabama.

*TIMING: Model data this morning has given me reason to adjust the timing of the storms a bit. I think the main severe weather window will come between 12:00 noon through 8:00. A few storms could enter West Alabama by 11:00 this morning.

*MODES: Severe storms today and tonight will be capable of producing damaging straight line winds, hail, and a few isolated tornadoes. There is a lower end tornado threat, but one can’t be ruled out somewhere.

*BOTTOM LINE: This is not a significant severe weather setup since the surface low and better dynamics are well north. But just understand that there is a risk for severe weather today and tonight so you will need to pay attention to updates. Keep in mind that we are now in the core of the annual Spring tornado season so having severe weather around this time is very normal. Stay close to a good reliable source for weather information and we will make it through this like we do any other severe weather event. Stay alert!

Enjoy the day and God bless!

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