Severe Weather Threat Tomorrow night/Wednesday

A potential significant severe weather event is ahead for Alabama tomorrow night and into early Wednesday morning

Here’s what to expect…

*A strong surface low with strong dynamics and excellent upper support will setup to the Northwest of Alabama tomorrow night. At first, it looked like this did not appear to be a significant severe weather setup, but unfortunately things have changed.

Parameters are now pretty impressive and are favorable for severe weather. CAPE values are expected to exceed 1,ooo joules over much of the state tomorrow night. And, dewpoints will also rise into the upper 50s and low 60s.

*Placement: Our friends at SPC have ALL of Alabama in some type of severe weather risk for tomorrow night.

Interesting to note that they have decided to go with a “moderate” risk for much of South Alabama which does not happen too often. An “enhanced” risk is in place for areas from about Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, and Auburn. The standard “slight” severe weather risk includes a good chunk of North Alabama and a “marginal” risk covers the Tennessee Valley.

*Modes: ALL modes of severe weather including tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail will be possible throughout the duration of this event.

However, the greatest concern for strong tornadoes,(EF-3 or greater), will come over the southern half of the state in the “enhanced” and “moderate” risk areas. Notice the STP(Significant Tornado Parameter) index shows values exceeding 4 units for parts of far Southwest Alabama tomorrow night which is really high.

*Timing: Main severe weather threat will begin roughly about 6:00 tomorrow evening and should end around 6:00 early Wednesday morning.

*Bottom Line: Understand, this will be a very active severe weather day especially for our friends in South Alabama. It is very important that everyone stays weather alert tomorrow night and keeps a close check on updates regarding the event. Unfortunately, this will be a late night for event which makes it much more difficult to get warnings out since most people will be asleep. Please make sure you have a good realiable source for weather information and have a way to recieve warnings. Remember, we live in Alabama and we go through severe weather events like this all the time. No need to panic or be alarmed at all. We will make it through this together and let’s pray things change for the better. I will have more updates to come later.

Stay tuned…

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