Manufacturing in America needs a Makeover

I live a double life. I work in a Nuclear Valve facility as a supply chain analyst during the day and run around the Boston startup scene during the night with Inigo. My social life has always been focused around Inigo because startups + social media = more customers. However, I have ignored the other half of my day working in a manufacturing facility where my 11 years of experience have shown me how difficult manufacturing in America actually is.

I am not sure of the reason, but I do not see many articles on why Manufacturing is struggling in America from the actual workers in these facilities. Sure I read the political effects of overseas manufacturing or hear about the strikes going on with our Unions, but it does not seem to be written by the people involved. Rather, it is a look at the problems from someone who will be effected by the decline in manufacturing and attempts to promote one side of a political argument.

The reason I am not seeing this could be because I am not following the right people, I am not linked to the right social networks, or those headlines are not catching my attention. It has been three months that I have looked hard for explanations from inside a facility as to what is going on with our manufacturing only to find suicides in Apple plants, Union strikes in Verizon, and one of our presidential candidates promising policy change.

So. I picked Medium to write about what is going on inside a manufacturing facility. I will be general and never use names, but I would like to take all of my lessons on building a lean startup and contrast them with manufacturing processes to understand if it is possible to reset manufacturing in America.

Along the way, I also hope to meet innovative minds in manufacturing who have tried to introduce technology to inefficient processes. If your interested, follow along and please comment!

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