Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love?
Professor Jennifer Hurley

The subject or discussion of love is very complex because of all the factors that can occur; especially a person’s past experience. It is understandable that things happen for a reason, good or bad, yet the outcome will be determined by how far a person has been. Although that may be pretty broad, “how far a person has been” I strongly believe that you can tell a lot of a person, male or female, by what they have been through. To answer your question, there should never be any reason for you to hurt the ones you love, no matter any circumstance. In my case, regardless of people will tell me, I will go that extra mile to be petty due to my experiences. Now I am not saying to go out and meet people just to ruin their hearts. If my significant other decided to go behind my back and lie to my face pretending that nothing happened then personally I would not get back; I would get even.

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