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People don’t search for movies anymore, everyone says movies are terrible but these people are only seeing the hugely marketed movies. For some reason people don’t spend the time to read a review or two and search out smaller films. And so the “Film is dying” argument is based around movies like BVS and Transformers rather than The Lobster or The Witch. But for some reason people go and search for small shows on TV like Transparency or a show on USA called Mr Robot. I think it may just be pure laziness and people can just sit on their couch and watch a bunch of shit without moving whereas with film they’d have to get up and get in a car and drive to a theater. Either way, we’re fucked, the idea that TV is better than film is a problem because people are incapable of thinking for themselves and all chant this saying over and over again which makes more and more people believe the theory without actually considering what they’re saying.

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