What methods did you use to select the 27 companies that you did?

OldRed I collected that data — our aim was to identify companies that top firms in product design & engineering in the U.S. as these companies design, build and ship more products than their small counterparts. We looked at publicly available information on teams across those companies. It’s a mix of brand-name firms that are well-known in the product design industry as well companies commonly covered in press like Fast Company, Wired, Wall Street Journal, IDSA, etc. and drilling down through medium and small regional firms across the country via Core77’s design directory.

TL;DR — we took the top 27 product design & engineering consultancies companies that have at least some of their teams in the U.S. and have publicly available information on the makeup of their teams.

Initially it was a point of curiosity, I was looking at different agencies for their team sizes — the gender gap was not something I was looking for, it was something I noticed as I was looking on general size of different consultancies in product design. When Kat was developing some of the other pieces for a talk she gave, I remembered the gap I had seen and revisited the subject.

Hope that helps.

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