Indivi-A new way to consume independent media.

Andrew Liu
3 min readJan 4, 2017


While working on developing a new project, the team at Indivi realized that there was a problem with how we consumed and discovered independent media. There was simply too many options; it was getting increasingly difficult to find quality articles on the things that we cared about, new underground musicians, and thought-provoking documentaries. We needed to find a new, awesome way to discover and consume independent media.


Through weeks of brainstorming, A/B testing, and user profiling & interviews, we streamlined what our product needed to be into 3 necessities:

  1. The process of consuming independent media must be minimal, beautiful, and easy.

From a UX perspective, it was crucial to keep user interaction and processes as simple as possible. As studies have shown, millennials are bombarded with distractions everyday, thus resulting in decreasing attention spans. From this analysis, we came up with the concept of “Collections”, a weekly round up of the best in independent media that was easily consumable, shareable, and aesthetically-pleasing.

2. The end product must have an equally awesome mobile and desktop experience.

From brainstorming, we came up with the two most common scenarios in which we thought millennials consumed their independent media: while at home or in the office, or on the go. This analysis was crucial in the sense that it made us realize that we had to create an equally awesome way to consume the best in independent media while at home sipping on coffee, or on the morning commute to class or work.

3. The media comes first; quality independent media is the focus of the product.

Finally and most importantly, we had to source the best independent media. Whether it was the new future beats track or the latest article from Fader, we had to find the best content for our readers. This was only achieved by user profiling, testing, and actually going out and talking to our users.


After weeks of all-nighters, server crashes, and beta testing, we finally made a product we were truly proud of: a beautiful, easy way to consume quality independent media both at home or on the go. Our hard work showed results, as we achieved roughly 5000 unique page visits and over 2000 Facebook impressions purely through organic growth and marketing. Check out the full project at