Why Labour Has Lost Me — And Many in My Community
Daniel Sugarman

The thinking seems confused if one feels that voting in an election for a Conservative Party nominated candidate is a viable alternative to dissatisfaction with every Labour Party candidate because of the anti-semitism of some, I believe very view supporters of the Labour Party.

However I fear such thinking is a representation of the limited understanding that many if not most of us who give much thought to the process of governance have in the United Kingdom. My education was also seriously flawed, but then I went to a Secondary Modern School in the 1960’s on the Essex borders of London. We were basically schooled to be factory and office worker fodder.

In a two year University Social Work diploma in the 1970s, my understanding of the UK parliamentary situation was not much enhanced, though I was encouraged to think issues through from “first principles”. It was life aided by a 2000’s short Workers Educational Association course in the history of the UK parliament that finally brought some enlightenment for me.

I hope the author here studies some more and also tries to see issues from a wider perspective than he currently seems to be using.

I started believing Christianity is basically correct, but now realise that along with other so called “religions” it is merely a belief system which despite offering much by way of examples of responsible living, is also part of the political process abused by the powerful, like all other political systems, to gain the support of those who do not think issues through but belief what they are told by folk who seem to treat them with respect.

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