Stop Shitting Content Around

Just wanted to share some thoughts about the recent trend the digital content marketing. A shitting content around trend which fucksup inbound content marketing and brand awareness strategies.

For the last ~2 years I have been watching this. I was even involved in one a dozen of startups or startbuks product companies, I should say. . I’m talking about you, the ones who are in or do follow this black hole content of a no value production trend. With all your blurry, dust-in-reader’s-face, forEver-green, shitty content of no use.

No, seriously… Content marketers… It hurts to read and it grinds my gears. Grrrr….

There is something I want to tell you : STOP! Stop wasting reader’s time! If there’s no true value in what you post and share, or at least has something to make me smile about — please stop! It’s a one direction line and you are going the wrong way.

All yours Shit filled content with all this meta description key words and phrases… You say:”it makes our metrics look good”…. “We have increased # of visitors”. Don’t bullshit me. Save it for later to advocate yourself in front of the CEO or your business partner who you’ve promised good results.

It’s not bullshit you say? Well…I’m the end customer to say: This is NOT what I or any of us wanted, in the pursue of your subject line. You do make a title sound good for me to look into, but after reading post through , I FEEL CHEATED. No benefit, nor even a smile on my face upon reading it. Not talking about the ones who don’t even try to make a subject line compelling and corresponding at all. Ctrl+C/V.

However, maybe there is something I’m missing of a true value? Oh, yes! Sure! I have managed to learn and adopt a new skill. A non conditional reflex to scroll through the post to say if it’s of any good. yeah!

Frankly speaking, ‘Root core of the problem’ is the other guys. The ones who want to follow the Inbound Content Marketing Strategy, but are forgetting what it is all about. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad strategy to follow — it’s the content itself.

Content is the KING.

Remember this blurb? Well…yes. Content is..the KING. It is only that bringing the true value in — is what makes it one, putting on a throne.

So here’s my advice: Do not follow this crazy garbage content race tactic to get more clicks, views, etc. If you do not have something valuable to say and share - Do not.

Control it. Read what your writers have wrote out loud… Did it sound like you? Is this something you would write about, or at least feels like it?

You might be not an expert on a subject and it’s OK. Just ask yourself: If I would be one, would I share this? Would I share it with my colleges, friends, spouse, parents, boss? The ones authority you have for. And please…

Stop Shitting content around and make a shift!

Make your brand awareness strategy — a BRAND by itself ;)


Yes, I do say that I know how, but I can’t make you.

Yes, I can help, but I don’t want to.

Yes, it all depends, but depends on If…