Saturday Afternoon

As a university student back in the early 1990’s and before then, I had ideas for songs as I’m sure everyone does and for want of a better description other than scribblings, poems too.

The poem “Saturday Afternoon” began to take shape as I navigated my way through Birmingham on the way to lectures or local record shops, constantly bombarded by minor political parties, religious sects, con men, sales men and people who needed money for cups of tea.

Banner waving

For small minorities

Political nobodies

Informing us of fiscal policies

Raising consciousness

Far away atrocities

Educated and full of hypocrisy

Just a hobby for the weekends

Manipulating thoughts provoking reaction

Happy as the ignorant, not belligerent

Never thinking but ever smiling

You read Marx and Engels

While I dream of shopping at Marks and Spencer

Saturday Afternoon was published in the Pennine Ink in 1993 which was inspiring news, or I guess some validation, recognition but I had submitted others that didn’t quite make it but more on that in a later post.

My little poem, harmless I thought did prove to ruffle peoples feathers which were never the intentions of the author. The story was more about daily life and the ability to have your own views and opinions.

It was always my intention or wish to have music accompany the story and visuals too. In 2002 I filmed a political demonstration in Sydney as part of film course project which is the footage used below along with voice over and music I created.

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