The truth is that interviews oftentimes is a stressful and displeasing experience. Now insert the video parameter there, too.

One of the best commercial digital products I’ve always admired is Google Maps. Spoiler: it’s not because I am Google fanboy. What I like most about that app, is the simple fact that whenever I use it, I am always under some kind of pressure; either I am driving at unknown places during vacation or I am abroad exploring and touring totally different countries. Whenever I use it, I want no mistakes. I just want reliability and precision.

Since I am fortunate enough to witness how these kind of products are made, how the teams are working on them and…

The heart icon

First of all, let me define love for a feature:

Love for a feature is whenever you make an addition to an app, and people simply can’t live without it. They use it so much — and it shows. They almost can’t remember how their lives (inside the context of the app, of course) were before that addition.

I was fortunate enough to be part of a feature like that. The problem was a very specific one: recruiters spend much time back ‘n forth with candidates before they lock in a time for an interview.

Just in case you’re wondering…

The impact pill

Recently, I’ve joined Workable as a Product Designer — and therefore I became a member of Workable’s design team. I found it fascinating to join a group of people designing an “easy to use” product, a main selling point according to our customers. People are choosing Workable over other solutions only for that particular reason. Pretty cool, right?

From my experience — and a fair amount of discussions I’ve had with other designers, in your first months people (for the sake of the post, designers) want to make an impact. That’s my understanding. You want to add this great animation…

The company structure

During the past couple of years working as a Product Designer, I’ve come to many realizations. Realizations that are have both a personal and a professional flavor. One of the things that strikes me the most, is what role design plays inside companies. The famous quote “design is how it works, not how it looks”, applies directly to companies and teams around the world — not only design files. I believe that I’m at a fortunate state where I can sit back and observe things, things that I am really curious about. …

The jar

I remember when I had this chat with a designer friend of mine. We were talking about design industry and we identified one big struggle: Even if a designer is qualified for a job opportunity, he isn’t even easily discoverable to the person who posted the job. Individuals with tons of followers, who are around for a long time, are always the first ones in the list. And achieving tons of followers is hard work — almost a full time job by itself.

For instance, Dribbble or Behance can be great sourcing tools. You post work, and people who like…

Designing the experience for a full-fledged reporting interface

The problem

One of the main reasons Avocarrot Demand Platform was made for, was to satisfy DSPs (or Demand Side Partners) reporting needs. For context, DSPs are the advertisers, who want to advertise their products/services on Avocarrot Exchange’s apps. Example advertisers were companies like Coca-Cola and RedBull.

Their reporting needs were multi-dimensional. A classic scenario, would be something like this: the DSP would filter for a specific timeframe (e.g yesterday) and then split by apps and countries. This query, conceptually, would return the yesterdays numbers (ad spend, impressions etc) for each app he advertised on splitted by countries he advertised…

Collecting feedback and iterating on Avocarrot Onboarding

The problem

During my time at Avocarrot I worked closely with Avocarrot Exchange product team at the Onboarding/App creation feature. We had designed the whole product (including the 1st iteration of this feature) earlier that year, and we were in the process of measuring what we had designed and what impact it had.

Zooming in, the Onboarding/App creation experience is crucial for every publisher. It’s when he’ll integrate his app details into our platform and integrate our SDK, to start receiving native ads and start making money. This cycle is illustrated below:

The public speaking

Last week I had the honor to speak to an audience. And when I say honor — I really mean it. It will probably sound cliche but I thought I will hardly ever speak to an audience as a designer for my craft. But hey, everything is possible so let’s keep it going.

I spoke at the 2nd Sketch & Design meetup in Athens, Greece. My talk was all about the relationship between designers and engineers. After it all ended, on the way home I took my time to reflect on that new experience. It was an exciting one —…

There is a big pool of talented people all around the earth. And there is this mindset: In order to make it, and work for your dream company, you have to be in San Fransisco or Berlin or maybe London. I get it, most companies are there. Plus, I get it, most companies need you in the office. But the thing is, we need to move a bit forward from this mindset. Instead of using our energy to travel across the globe, we could focus on how we can improve working from anywhere with the maximum possible output as professionals…

I’ve been working as a Product Designer for quite a while, and one of the main design assets I had to built was a simple file. That file, should be the single source of truth for all the product’s design needs. In addition, that file should be easily maintainable and easily understandable by every designer.

UTech is a big pack of hand-crafted screens made exclusively for Sketch. The main idea behind UTech is to provide a strong foundation to let product teams built products upon it and save some precious time.

Crafting something that is adaptable enough and can serve…

Andrew Chraniotis

Product Designer @Workable. Previously @Avocarrot. Drawing some lines, writing some stuff at

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