5 Reasons why you should take a road trip.

If you’re like me(and if you’re reading this blog you probably are) you like to travel! Good, we’ve established that, but maybe you don’t have the cash money or the time off for a big international trip with flights like I take often. No problem, because roadtrips are about as American as Apple Pie ! What better way to truly get patriotic with your understanding of This Great Land than to pack up the car and go? So in honor of road trip season officially kicking off pretty soon I thought I’d put together a list of my top 5 reasons why you should get out there and drive!

  • Go meet people.

With the ubiquitous presence of social media these days it’s way easier to stay in contact with the randoms that you meet while traveling than it was in generations before. Embrace the open road and open up your social networks to include the new people who you meet along the way. You’ll be surprised how many times down the road (pun intended) those random road trip contacts who shared a drink with you at the hotel you booked or a drink at the dive bar on route 66 will come in handy later on in life!

  • See the USA:

The only thing more patriotic than these shorts is to drive around this wide open plain and get to know her one on one. The United States provides a unique opportunity to visit what should be different countries without needing a passport. Explore different climates, different cultures and different lifestyles from beach to shining beach.

  • Do crazy things while you can:

“You Only Live Once” as the kiddies say these days. Embrace the risk factor and stare fear in the face with the wide open road while you are still (feeling?) young and have very little to nothing to lose.

  • Too many tools!

There’s never been more free tools for roadtripping than there are now. Long gone are the days of needing paper maps to get you places. There’s a gazillion comprehensive lists on what apps to travel with but I love www.roadtrippers.com (not just because they’ve been a client of mine before) the most! If you need a specific road trip idea because you’re a foodie or a historical buff RoadTrippers has you covered!

  • Enjoy the music baby!

If there’s anything we love about a road trip it’s the soundtracks! With all the incredible options for streaming music there should be no shortage of awesome tunes to guide you down the PCH or Route 80! One major tip here, don’t overdo the playlist beforehand…it’s better to be spontaneous and just pick an online radio station and hit random…sit back and enjoy the road!

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