My Startup Story: Part 1

Ten Years After Starting…what’s happened and what I’ve learned.

Hey, I’m Andrew! I’ve been involved in Marketing for tech companies for over a decade. I’ve lived and worked at startups in 4 countries and launched products in 23 countries and in multiple languages. This is my story…well at least the first part of it. Somewhere around 11 years ago I co-founded a SaaS business with a brilliant CTO that became profitable in a few short months. The startup was called Younique Resumes and it was focused on creating innovative video resume products for University students long before LinkedIn was strong. We were B2U before it was cool. I wish we had a product online still because it would still impress you. It was way ahead of it’s time.

After becoming profitable I learned pretty quickly that I didn’t like playing founder. I knew I didn’t like sales and the only product development I was passionate about was from a growth point of view. I wanted to focus on growth and marketing and also desperately wanted to get out of the U.S to use my International Business Degree.

Along with that degree I had to take language classes and since I had a focus on Latin American Business I was taking Spanish classes for years. One day my Spanish teach told me about a random, unsupported opportunity to move to Mexico and teach English to a friend of hers’ family. I wanted to solidify my Spanish language skills so I said fuck it, and jumped at it. I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a few weeks after graduation…with a bag of clothes and an address to show up at. I never even called to check on them, or Skype them to see their faces. Once in Mexico I fit right in. I started contacting interesting companies with my own personal video resume and guess what, I struck gold. A few days after arriving in Mexico I nailed an interview with one of the biggest businessmen in the city.

A week later I had become Head of Online Marketing for his tourism conglomerate. I had big budgets and a visionary CEO, every marketers dream. On top of this he gave me free access to every tour his companies offered. I was flying on tiny planes, going whale-watching, scuba-diving, sailing etc all as part of my job. While my friends we’re underling grunts at Nationwide Insurance, L brands, Abercrombie or other Ohio based corporations…I was on the beach. Long story short, I crushed it.

Scuba Diving for free after work one day.. NBD!

At this company, my focus was to manage their online reputation and expand their online presence. I wanted to own SEO but also every travel forum in the world. We were active in Social Media Marketing before anyone was even talking about it. We attained an ROI positive Adwords campaign in a month. I was chilling working from the beach 3 days a week and I loved every minute of it.

Out Sailing with Playmate Models for HDNET with the team…an opportunity I created for the company from a cold email.

After a successful year building that company’s online dept. to 3 staff and millions of dollars in revenue, I got antsy. Puerto Vallarta can be a very lonely town for a single guy who gets sick of meeting tourists who want to party and go wild every night. As crazy as it sounds, I wanted to leave.

So, I went on Craigslist and posted my Video Resume on the resumes section of the pages for the cities I thought I would like to live in. I got bites from Bali, LA, Las Vegas and Dubai…What happened next? You’ll have to read in the next post!

To be continued!

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