Create your own cryptocurrency token ERC20 in 3 minutes

Andy Octavian
Mar 11 · 3 min read
on Ethereum

there are many tutorials that do the same, but I decided that one more doesn’t hurt anyone, so here’s my version.


  1. Copy the content of this file

into here:

Optional: Modify the contract name (AndysToken), INITIAL_SUPPLY, token name and token symbol as you like.

2. Publish the Smart Contract of the Token

On remix ide select Run from the upper tab and click on Injected Web3

You should also have some

The next step is publishing the contract on the test network.

Click on Deploy Button (If you modified the contract name, you should select your name from the dropdown list)

Metamask will present you with a popup window. If it doesn’t click the Metamask icon from the browser’s toolbar and check there.

please notice that the Rinkeby Test Network is showed

After 10 seconds or something you should get a contract address.

One way is to expand the metamask event and click on that arrow

relax, what you see are test ether…

another way is to wait and it will appear in remix ide and you have to click on the copy to clipboard icon

3. Add the tokens to your Metamask wallet

ADD TOKEN => then under custom token paste the contract address!


You know are the proud owner of a cryptocurrency!