Are Smartphone Apps a Bane or a Boon?

An app is a software program that can be downloaded to a mobile phone and be used according to its functions. Some apps are pre-installed in the phone, whereas others can be installed as per user requirements. The pre-installed smartphone Apps are –calendars, emails, calculators, and many more. These are rather useful but can take up lot of memory and space in the phone. This puts a limit on other apps that one may want to download. Some smartphones allow these pre-installed apps to be removed, whereas some do not. It is not recommended to remove these pre-installed apps.

There are varieties of smartphone apps that can be chosen for download. These are news apps, productivity apps, search tool apps, utilities apps, and entertainment apps, games apps, searching networking apps, sports apps, travel apps, and weather apps. There are numerous benefits of smartphones apps:

Better Communication Options - Nowadays, there are apps that can offer a choice of email, video chatting, and video conferencing to communicate with others. Moreover, to stay connected, there are many social networking sites.

Internet Access Everywhere - With smartphones, one can use all their online apps anytime and anywhere if they have a data card or a Wi-Fi connection on their phone.

Continuous Access To Everything - Whether you need to phone, check your email, book tickets, check your bank account balance, order food, or check weather; there are apps for them all in the smartphone you have with you.

A Huge Number Of Apps - Ranging from games to fitness, compasses to flashlights, or editing photographs to arranging playlists, there are apps for everything imaginable and useful. If you browse the app stores, you will be able to see that. Though most people are glued to their phones, the fact that it appeals to all ages cannot be ignored. However, one has to be careful. There are many demerits to smartphone apps.

Loss of Privacy - By installing and registering an app, one gives away some simple information, but if not carefully used, someone can hack into your phone and access personal information. So, it is said that you should share minimal information on apps, especially social networking ones. Don’t share your phone number and meet strangers.

Information Is Overloaded - People usually overlook advertisements that pop up while using app, but it is known that too many mobile apps, and their advertisements, can spam the smartphone. Additionally, it is important to download a good anti-virus program for mobile devices to ensure that your phone isn’t hacked. Prevention is better than cure.
Smartphone apps have become immensely popular within the past few years. They have been incorporated into businesses, and have helped them flourish. Smartphones offer apps that can help give directions through GPS, take photos and edit them, keep notes and important dates stored, scan documents, and so many other functions. By installing apps, the use of smartphones grows each day. Visit Appster for more information.

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