Don’t miss the adventurous experience of ‘Asgard Run’ on your android device

Are you fond of running and adventurous game? If you’re tired of Temple Run then we have ‘Asgard Run’ for you. Get read and knock down your enemies.

What’s up Android users? What’s going on? Well, if you’re getting bored then we have some interesting suggestion for you. Before we utter out our suggestion, first let us know how many fans of Temple Run we have right now? Alright, we got it there are multiple fans, we can’t even count. If you’re tired of Temple Run then we have one more game which also looks like a Temple Run. The game is called, ‘Asgard Run’, so are you ready to make a long run and facing various obstacles, if yes then get this game right now on your device.

As we know there are a lot of gaming apps for android, and should try this one for sure. If you’re fond adventure and taking risks then get ready sprint, slide, turn, jump and fly plus conquer the obstacles of your path. Don’t miss the adventurous experience of knocking down your mythological enemies with legendary heroes. Be a brave-heart warrior and face the skeleton warriors and exploding zombies but beware of traps, hazards, and falling meteors. You can even discover the secret location in the game. What are you waiting for? Go bring this energetic game to your android phones. The graphics of game is good which makes the game more interesting.

Asgard Run

Below are the features of this game:

  1. You can choose your hero from a roster of fantastic champions
  2. Grab the different armors, weapons and special abilities.
  3. Fear of rotating world
  4. Go insane and conquer the obstacles
  5. Unlock new characters and weapons, so you can make your enemies taste the dust
  6. Beware of traps and hazards
  7. Invite your friends too and fight against hordes of Helheim.

For more information and details, visit Google Play Store and get this game. Available for both Android and iOS.