New Games of August for Your Android Phones 

Android market is flooded with many apps and games and here we bring you new games which are strategical, challenging and magical.

We all love playing games and it is the best thing we can do to kill time. Games come as a saviour to save us from boredom. Games keep us engaged and it gives us a platform to challenge ourselves our strategy, our mind, and some games are merely for entertainment engraved colourful graphics and images that make it more interesting. Play store for Android phones are loaded with a variety of games and apps for android phones, here we get a chance to choose from many but here we have shortlisted few games which you must play in the Month of August.

First, one we have for you is Reign


Play this game for few seconds and you will love it. It is new Android game from Devolver Digital. In this game, you act as a King and you have to balance your Kingdom’s army, treasury, religion and population and to rule as many years possible. You can manipulate all these resources via a conversation with peasants, knights, witches, members of a church and other characters.

With each conversation, you have to take an important decision by swiping the character card to left or right. If this results in declination of any of the four resources which you can at the top of the screen then you die and must begin again as the next successor to the throne. This strategy game will make you feel like a real king than any of the game you would have played.

Mobius Final Fantasy

Game by Square Enix’s free to play action game. It looks like a console game on a smartphone but in a portrait format. This game focuses on battles and cards collection. The game consists of characters models, animations, and environment which are of superior quality than the majority of games .The journey takes place from point to point along the map while undergoing battles and gaining new skills.

Fortress Legends

Namco Bandai introduces Fortress Legends to Android. It consists of an isometric RPG battles which are full of magic, loot and highly creative characters which add to its charm. If you have that thing which is required to become legendary then build a mighty fortress can save it from the invaders and take revenge on their fortresses and defeat them by using powerful weapons and protect your base. Make your hero powerful by founding Staffs, Broadswords, Bows, and Twin Blades and level up your game .This game is packed with four players real-time co-op, raids and tons of weapons to collect.

So, create a massive fortress which is full of dangers and traps and ask for diabolic creatures help.