What To Do, When Your Play store Becomes Inoperative

There is seen an issue of android play store not working in various smart phones. The applications have not been able to downloaded, so there’s nothing to worry we are here to help you out from this situation. Try these things and you will probably find the solution to your problem.

Confirm your date and time settings:

Google server always check your phone date and time during synchronizing, so if it is not accurate then problem occurs in play store. The date and time should be accurate, whether set it automatically or manually. You can check and correct it from setting of your smart phone. To download Android Apps in your Android Phone you must have your mobile play store working properly.

Clean up the Google play store cache:

Cache is a virtual memory in which data is store for future retrieval. Cleaning up the cache is necessary for google play store. This cache can be cleared by tapping to setting> application manager >clear cache. Once you clear it, you can check your play store whether it restores or not. Otherwise move on to next possible solution. These days the best android phone in the market comes with OS 6, which is going to be upgraded soon to Android n (7).

Delete data from your play store:

Another option available to retain android market in your phone is by deleting the data from your play store. When you perform this operation, your account, files, personal setting and information will be cleared from your phone. We know that in android phones there is required a G mail account to login to the play store, while performing this deletion, you must save your credentials before.

Erase data and cache on Google Play Services:

Google play services is the heart of your play store. Delete the cached process of google play services from the settings of your phone. These cached processes are the background data running between the apps and your phone device for communication. Install the latest updated google play service for your phone.

Reset you G mail Account:

If your play store is still not working then you have to perform this operation. You just go to your play store settings and reset the google account. After resetting it re-enter the G mail account login details again.

Look at your disabled apps:

There are certain Apps for Android phones, which remained disabled in your phone. If you recently disabled some app and you are facing a problem in play store then you can easily enable it from your phone. It’s easy to fix this problem.

Disable VPN:

The virtual private network allows you to download app from other region but on the other hand it stops the functioning of your play store. The VPN should be disabled always and it is done by getting into network option under settings.

Uninstall Previous Update and do the Factory Reset:

You need to uninstall previous update from your phone. You go to setting and tap on application manager. Even if then also a problem exist then you are left with the last and final solution that is factory reset, it will delete all your data. You must keep its backup before you do factory reset on your phone.

So, we can now suppose that you will definitely get solution to your problem.

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