Understanding Android’s vector image format: VectorDrawable
Nick Butcher

Good. I have some questions though:
1. Why can’t the IDE handle SVG by just having the file inside, and converting it to what’s needed behind the scenes? 
2. Why do we have to import the SVG files one after another, and without the ability to tell which density it was used with (meaning we have to calculate the correct size) ? 
3. For SVG, we can see the files on the file manager of the OS (using a plugin for Explorer if you are on Windows OS). This can help with managing them and finding which to re-use. Why don’t we have a similar thing for VectorDrawable ? The only thing I’ve found is some buggy plugin on the IDE. Other than that, the only way to view them is opening each.
4. Since VectorDrawable is so restricted, why not create a professional tool for designers, that is directly creating those, instead of the need to convert from SVG, which is sometimes not so optimized ? It’s best to start now with it, while it’s still simple compared to SVG…