Google Pixel 2 will be launched on October 4, which has speed up the rumors and leaks about this device. Just a few days ago a leak revealed several details about this upcoming device. A recent tweet by founder of Android Police Artem Russakovskii revealed some new hardware and software details relating to Google Pixel 2.

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According to these details Pixel 2 will not have a dual camera setup and it will use a special software to create bokeh effect in photos. This feature is a special feature of dual camera phones which allows to blur background objects in a photo and is much liked by users. Google will make this feature available to Pixel 2 users through a software.

Another cool feature that will be available in Pixel 2 is the squeeze function which was introduced in HTC U. This function allows to interact with the phone through embedded touch sensors which are located in the frame. Pixel 2 will use this function to activate Google Assistant.

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The Google Pixel 2 will also feature a new redesigned launcher and Google Homepage, flat glass front and dual speakers located on the front. Pixel 2 will come in three different colors, black, white and blue. It will have two variants, one with 64GB internal storage priced at $649 and the other with 128GB priced at $749.

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