Profiling of the Newark Airport Parking

Newark Airport, also known as the Newark Liberty International Airport, is an airline found in New Jersey. As it stands out, Newark Airport happens to be one of the oldest, if not the earliest air facilities in the United States of America, having gotten created in 1928. In a span of close to a century, Newark Airport has seen better days. Presently, the airline boasts of a full range of facilities, integrating functions between terminals and transport grids.

In the same regard, the Newark Airport parking has more than evolved. Due to the vast amount of human traffic going through the airport every day, Newark Airport has gotten forced to come up with both short and long-term parking lots that accommodate shuttle buses on transit. These coaches also help pick up people from the parking spaces and ferry them to the terminals. Passengers can even get shipped to the terminals by the AirTrain.

Also, Newark Airport offers valet parking. That means that you can drive to the airport and park your vehicle at the premise with no reservations whatsoever. As an extra incentive, valet parking also brings you closer to the terminal since you can always access such a prestigious facility via ezway or AirTrain.

Short-term parking operates using three lots namely A, B, and C. On the other hand, daily parking accommodates lots P1, P3, and P4. At lot 6, you can always find economy parking and a fleet of shuttle buses that operate around the clock. Something fascinating about Newark Airport is that parking fees at the facility are pocket-friendly meaning that they do not cause much burden to visitors. For more facts and information about Newark airport parking, visit

Half-hour increments ensure that the parking fees do not skyrocket to unmanageable proportions. The minimum charge stands at $4 while the maximum never exceeds $39. If you so wish to leave your vehicle at the airport, all you are required to do is to reserve a parking space through the internet. Of importance to note is that Newark Airport prohibits visitors to get picked-up or dropped-off at the front end of the terminals. Failure to comply with Newark Airport’s parking laws discussed at might force your vehicle to get towed, making you liable for a fine.

Finally, Newark Airport also accommodates electric vehicle charging stations where cars that run on electricity can refill their power. By all means, Newark Airport is the real deal, a facility created to help visitors feel at home.