Blog post 8 - History of My Blog Posts:

  1. This blog post: This blog post is about the 5 different strengths with how I learn. I believe this list of the 5 ways I learn have remained the same. It is interesting to look back and reflect on the different ways I am learning. Although the certain learning styles that work best with me remain the same but over a long period of time I believe my learning styles will change. I have learned in class that it is important to follow my strengths.
  2. This blog post: This blog post for me is on the topic of social media. The central topic of this blog post is for the purpose of understanding issues and problems of social media. I think this topic will continue on for a lot of people. The idea to understand what effects social media has on the user is a large topic. I like the design of this blog post in particular because I create a small story that offers my troubles with social media and that hopefully people who do read my post can sympathize with my troubles and relate.
  3. This blog post: This blog post in on the ways someone can live more positively and holistically in today’s contemporary society. After personally reflecting from this blog I think my attempt at this question is quite broad and if I were to attempt to do this question again, I believe I would refine this question because it is way to large to possibly and effectively afford to get it in a 3 minute blog post. On the other hand, I commend myself for thinking so in depth about this question and the importance of the question as well. So I have learned with this experience that it is better to refine than to be very broad but both are important qualities.
  4. This blog post: This blog post is one of my favorites. This blog post for me was very meta and I really think I did a good job on it. I learned from this blog post that it is important to self introspect and understand who you are and find the direction you want to be on. As I am writing my final ED narrative and design, I could not be more content with the direction that I am on. When I think and feel deeply about the choices I have made in my life and where I am going and I am proud to think I am on the path of self actualization. It sound silly but I think it is true. My writing skills in this post are pretty good, the accurately describe the different parts of what consists of a healthy lifestyle. I learned a lot while doing this blog post as I needed 10 sources, so it took some time to find but it also gave me a load of information for me that I think is important.
  5. This blog post: This blog post has a central topic of finding a specific TED talk that resonates most with my big question. This blog is connected with the Ted talk that I linked at the bottom. The topic is all about self examination and understanding your lifestyle and habits, and to diagnose what is working and what is the key to change it and make a negative thing a positive one. I don’t think that this topic needs any more evolving that it has already undergone, as the question of: Why we do what we do? Is extremely important to engage in.
  6. This blog post: This blog post for me is a little bit silly and goofy but it is attempting to portray a very serious top, an existential topic as well. My lesson plan was on about meditation and removing oneself from a very busy and compulsive lifestyle.
  7. This blog post: This blog post is referring to the topic of my class presentation. This idea and embodiment of the blog post is the culmination of my WSP 101 experience. As I am an environmental anthropology major, I wanted to discuss the topic of the environment. The topic is very broad, but it is within the abstraction for what is supposed to be understood. As this is my most current blog post, I feel confident in what it is and what the message is about.
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