Teaching Topic: Environment

Before class assignment — 5 minutes of personal reflection in an environment of your choice. Find a place where you can have five minutes to yourself with no interruption, refrain from using your phone during this time. Find a place where you can have optimal thinking and concentration space. The goal of this task is to get you to start thinking about how the environment around you plays an active role in how you think and feel. There will be no assignment, but please be ready to discuss in class the location of your selected space and how the experience made you feel. If you feel like you need to write down on a piece of paper your thoughts to remember them, by all means go ahead and do that.

On November 16th— I will try and teach you about the different aspects of how your environment plays an active role on how you think and feel. This lesson is important because by understanding the relationship you have with the space around you, you are more likely to make better informed decisions in life from how you feel rather than just by impulse. Every day we live our lives not thinking about how the natural or built environment effects us, but the fact is the environment is always playing a role on you no matter what, you cannot escape it. Sometimes we feel and think in a certain way that we are not use to and it bewilders us, this is most likely due to external stimulus as this effects they way in which we make decisions and behave. I want to explore this contemplative topic and help bring to light important ways to inform you how the environment works with and against you.

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