Connect With Your Surroundings To Feel Present And In The Moment.

Guided Meditation

Here is good meditation to connect with your surrounding environment. To feel present and in the moment. To build your patience, discipline, and posture.

Guided Audio Meditation Preview:

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Take smooth, rhythmic breaths of any size.
 Inflate your body with every breath in. 
 Relax as you breathe out.
 Feel yourself growing with every breath in.
 Notice your chest and shoulders lifting higher with every breath. 
 Retain this breathing pattern for the rest of the meditation.
 Your head looking straight ahead. And above your horizon.
 ​Listen for all the sounds around you. No matter how quiet or how loud. Listen for the subtlest whispers. To the loudest roars.

Diffuse your visual focus. Pay attention only to how much light is around you. Diffuse the light incoming through your eyes.
 Look around you, look above you. Take in nothing but blurry light. Shift between focused and unfocused visuals.
 Feel the sensations on your body.
 Strengthen the connection between you and the earth beneath you.
 Take into account the aroma around you, as subtle as it may be. 
 Breathe in the fragrance of your environment.
 Inflate your body with every breath in.
 Listen carefully for your surroundings.
 Diffuse your visual focus.
 Feel the sensations on your body.
 Breathe in the aroma around you.

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