This simple experiment will change the way you think about luck.

Experiment with your appearance.
Don’t shave for a week, or a month. Let your hair get messy. Do some dirty yard work and walk into a supermarket. Go dumpster diving and walk into a supermarket. Pay attention to how people treat you, how people look at you. Then dress to impress. Get a nice shave. Fix up your hair. Brush your teeth and your tongue, and floss. Pay attention to how people treat you.

People will treat you differently. This simple experiment shows you how unfair life can be. How the same person can have a completely different life just by changing a few key aspects of their appearance. Some of us get trapped, seen by others as unworthy, because of our appearance.

Take the time to change your appearance, and experiment to find out which “look” best suits you, and for what situations they suit you. Knowing how your appearance is affecting your opportunities lets you control your luck.

Here’s a movie which shows a perfect example of what’s possible: Trading Places, 1983

Controlling your appearance allows you to open possibilities. It prepares you to take on opportunities you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

Change your appearance. Family and friends will judge you, but acquaintances and strangers will see you through different lens. They might even bring out a side of you you never knew existed.

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