This post is for people who just started with Rust and are not quite sure how the borrowing and lifetime stuff works.

TL;DR After something was moved, it’s gone. Only one mutable reference at a time. Copying might be expensive but is required sometimes.

I started a small HTTP-Server to learn a bit more about Rust. While doing the first few steps I always came across the same few errors and somehow managed to hack my way around them. That wasn’t really satisfying.

While re-reading some chapters for the Rust book about borrowing and lifetimes I finally understood it. I’ll…

TL;DR It’s Texas Hold’em Poker. Build with Node.js, Next.js and Redis. You can check it out here


Last year some friends and I wanted to play some poker online. After a bit of research, we didn’t find anything that we liked. We either had to download something, register, couldn’t play together or had to go through a pretty unintuitive and ugly design. So I decided to build it myself.

I started somewhen in July 2017 and with this post, I want to give some insights on my journey. …


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