Does having access to everything just make things less meaningful?

In the West, we seem to be constantly reminded how much we have at our disposal; water on tap, food aplenty, more commodities and services than you can shake a stick at and instant connectivity to the hive mind of humanity.

But lately, I’ve been wondering whether this means that everything has less meaning than it did when things were scarce. Does someone asking if you’re ‘ok’ on social media mean less than it did when someone noticed you weren’t quite right in the real world, pre-internet? Does someone saying ‘I love you’ carry less weight on WhatsApp now than on the bottom of a letter that took two weeks to arrive across the Atlantic?

It seems pretty universal amongst people I’ve spoken to that as you get older, things become less meaningful. Meals taste less good, festivities less fun and words less resonant. Time seems to diminish our sensitivity to things but I feel we’re bombarded with stimulation, affirmation, attention and satisfaction to the point where we’re full up on meaningless stuff.

What do you think, reader? Do you find meaning in everything or does having it all make everything meaningless?

I’m keen to find out …