Cough, Concussion, Coverup, Conspiracy

We never want anyone to be sick, and of course sincerely wish everyone well.

But we are at a critical juncture for America and 330 million people here as well as those in the rest of the world looking to us for global leadership:

First it was needing help up the stairs.

Then it was exhaustion.

Then it was threats to reporters for saying she was low on energy.

Then it was a conspiracy.

Then it was a cough.

Then it was allergies.

Then it was overheated and dehydration.

Then it was fainting.

Then it was a belatedly-announced (from Friday) pneumonia.

Then she’s “feeling great…and it’s a wonderful day in New York.”

Then it’s time to cancel her campaign trip to California.

When the story keeps changing for doctoring Hillary, and the campaign avoids the emergency room and transparency…is there something for America to be concerned about when it comes to our Presidency.

Are desperate times calling for some to commit to desperate national lies? ;-)

(Source Photo: Dannielle Blumenthal)

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