It is time to act.
Will (of the people)

Thanks for reading Christine, I doubt whether sending it to all members of PLP will result in anything close to what I ask for, we are perhaps too far down the road now, but I live in hope.

Jemf56, Thanks for taking the time to read and for such a comprehensive response. I must say though that the critique you provide is as open to dispute as you say of my analysis. I don’t disagree though, of course whatever I say can be disputed. Ultimately that’s what brings the Labour Party to the position it finds itself in at present. However, I assert nothing in terms of who is right and who is wrong about individual facts, I only reference that there are opposing views. The only assertion I really make in the opening paragraph is that Owen Smith is on course for a humiliating defeat. You may want to dispute my assertion, as is your right, but that won’t change the reality.

The points you raise are superfluous to the purpose of my piece, rather they just seek to undermine the premise that it isn’t too late, despite differences, to come together under the democratically elected leader. Here my assertion is that unless that happens, the broad left will not achieve ‘power’ which ultimately is the latest stated purpose of the rebel cause. Splitting the party, as you call for, has the opposite effect, as does continuing to undermine the leader… That is in my view of course. That said, I also think a split is probably inevitable now. Just like the PLP and Corbyn, you and I are likely to be ideologically so far apart, that we are unlikely to reach a compromise.

You assume much in your reply to my piece, not least that you will be attacked for speaking against Corbyn. On the contrary, while I support him, he is no more a perfect human being than any other. In terms of ‘hero worship,’ it seems to me that those opposed to Corbyn are more obsessed with personality than those for him. For me, while I might disagree with your views, I would not attack you for holding them. I am a democratic socialist… both democracy and socialism are equally important to me. I only wish the Labour Party machine would also follow those principles… after all they are written on the back of every member’s card… we are a democratic socialist party.

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