Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

Dear Mr. Brock, 
You sorry excuse for a Human. You did not “fight too hard”, you resorted to every imaginable and unimaginable sleeze tactic, from misinformation to outright lies, and manufactured trolling. Yet, you condemn these practices now as if you never engaged in them.

You are not progressive, liberal, or a even conservative for that matter: you are a mercenary offering your political warfare acumen and bloodlust with calculated motivation. You have no moral guidance, no spine to speak of, you work in the shadows until you need to get hired, or forgiven before moving on.

This letter you write, anyone with a shred of memory knows it to be a complete sycophantic and morally void appeal to a massive audience you spewed upon not 6 months earlier. There is no contrition here, just an attempt to wipe the slate without consequence.

No doubt will you accuse those who don’t accept your excuses of being hypocrites, selfish and blind. And no doubt will you say, when progressives get leverage that you were one of those who made the call-to-arms.

But you are not fooling anyone, especially those you played for fools.

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