The Problem With Trigger Warnings
Wendy Blacke

Just published my first story a few days ago and now I know I put a trigger warning in the third paragraph…not heard that term before. Only thought to add it as I’ve seen similar ‘warnings’ the more I’ve read to understand my own PTSD and the depression and anxiety that goes with it. I take your point completely…one I hadn’t even considered. You’ve made me re-evaluate what I actually think of trigger warnings…truthfully, I hate being nannied. I’m an adult and can stop reading if I’m offended or upset. Anyway, I state it’s an article about mental illness and then warn it includes content about suicidal thoughts…you made me think it’s a bit like warning people a packet of peanuts contains nut. Thanks for the thought provoking piece…now, do I edit and delete? Hmm…

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