How young is too young?

It’s coming up on wedding season in Ireland when couples all around Ireland are making their life vows to one another in this amazing Irish weather we get during the summer months. However, how young would you consider a couple to be to get hitched?

Wedding in Raheny, All-Saints Church.

The picture above was one I took several years ago at a friends wedding which was a great day. This does show that you can never be too young to get married. Don’t get me wrong I love weddings and all the celebrations surrounding the big day, but I also know couples that get married very young.

When you meet ‘the one’ and sparks fly, in this day and age most people will date for a while, move in together and maybe get a dog. A lot of people will get full time jobs after finishing college and then if the relationship is still going strong, wedding bells will be heard.

Wedding bells from ‘Irish Wedding Traditions’

A lot of my friends are different though. My friends are of a Christian background and lets just say, things are done a little differently. My friends and I believe in ‘Love for Life’. Once you are married, that is it. God is a huge factor and when you find someone who shares your faith with you, it can be very difficult to want to leave them and so you end up wanting to share the rest of your life with them.

In a few months I am going to be a Grooms-man at a wedding of a very close friend of mine and I couldn't be more excited. I have known the bride for a long time and have grown to get to know and become very close with the Groom. However, they are only 21 and 22. Some people would think that is crazy and that is far to young. Nomi, the bride to be, shared a little on her big day and why they want to get married so young.

“We met a few years ago and fell in love almost straight away. There are a few complications but together we can work things out. We have been engaged for a year and a half now and I have never been so sure about anything before in my life.”

I love them both. I also know more couples engaged at 23 and it’s kind of a regular thing for me to hear about these days as more and more of my friends find new relationships. Then there’s the tradition, which is mainly in America, of getting married after only dating for six months! This sounds crazy right! How can you get to know someone properly and then make this huge commitment to spend the rest of your lives together after six months. I have heard of these occasions though.

I talked with Mary, from Florida, “Yeh my sister got engaged after dating her boyfriend for only seven months and they have already set a date for later this year. At first I did think it was a little too soon but I got to know the guy and he’s lovely. They really are a great couple and I suppose sometimes you just sort of know, right?”

It does seem to be a little different over this side of the pond though as most of my friends I know who are engaged or where engaged before they got married, had been dating for quite a while, including one couple who very recently got engaged after five years of dating. I caught up with Scott, the groom to be, “I just felt the time was right and we were both ready for this big step up together. We both have nice jobs now and we love each other so why not.” So it does vary from couple to couple.

One more couple I know who recently celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary are my parents. Once again, in this day and age almost half of marriages fall apart within a few years and you don’t have to look past many celebrity marriages to see that! My parents are my inspiration. They have their moments but they are strong together so I asked my mum how they have made it work for so long with no signs of slowing down, “It’s very simple actually, we communicate and talk to each other on a very regular basis. We talk about how our days went and if anything happened, we watch the news together and we just spend a lot of time together.”

So every couple and situation is different. Some people get married very young and some people are more traditional and they will wait until their 30’s to settle down. So how young is too young? I guess we’ll never know.

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