Many told me they struggle with decision to end Afghan war. Don’t want war forever, but feel uncertain. That is normal. Ending war does not end pain from 9/11. I took this GroundZero photo. Had with me working in Kabul and now in my Congressional office. Never forget.

Ending a war should never be easy, especially when it carries out collective trauma. Despite working in Afghanistan in 2011, visiting in 2019, and being on Armed Services/Foreign Affairs Committees, I still struggle too on what to do next. Here are some ways to think through.

My 5 year old boy came home recently and asked me why a bigger kid kept calling him Chinese Boy. My son, confused, told the boy, “I’m a New Jersey Boy.” He laughed it off, but my eyes welled up. 50 years ago my parents immigrated here from South Korea, but we cannot shake shadow of foreignness.

I was sad because my son shared what was likely his first ever experience of discrimination. For me it wasn’t first time I heard bias about him. …

There was a mass shooting in America last night. Sadly that is not uncommon. Many of the victims were AAPI. This tragedy sits at the intersection of multiple broken parts of our society. To honor victims and save lives, we must make progress across all.

I’ve been asked if the violence against AAPI is new, and if it is getting better with the increased recent visibility. The answer to both is no. Discrimination/violence existed well before COVID and it will continue after. And sadly, I don’t think we have seen the worst of it.

I can’t tell you how much…

On this anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma, can we finally move forward with renaming the Edmund Pettus Bridge after John Lewis? This is first anniversary without him. Since he can no longer step across the bridge, we should name every step of it after him. Here’s why:

There on that bridge, John Lewis and others taught us what courage means. Taught us the responsibilities that come with the pursuit of justice. Taught us that we can make no assumptions about the direction of our nation.

Her name is Kyal Sin and she was brutally murdered this week. She wore this black shirt that said “Everything will be OK” when she was shot in the head by Burmese military. Know her courage. Here’s how her memory may stop this coup and help protect democracies everywhere.

WHO KILLED KYAL? One man set this chaos in motion — Min Aung Hlaing. A General so unremarkable that colleagues once gave him a nickname meaning “cat feces” as he reminded them of “something deposited quietly but leaving a powerful stink.”

I just finished reading the declassified memo on killing of Khashoggi. I’ve read thousands of intel reports in my career in national security, but this one stands out. Here’s why we need to take this seriously and why we need to do more to hold Crown Prince accountable.

HIGH CONFIDENCE: The memo starts with “We assess that…” While that doesn’t seem like a blistering opening, for me, it’s like a hammer. Lack of phrases like “low/medium confidence” is striking and rare. Unusual to have such a clear and definite assessment without modifier.

I have only one memory of my grandma and it isn’t a good one. She visited America when I was a child. Instead of embracing her I yelled at her to go home. I’ve regretted that my whole life. Now when I see these brutal attacks against elderly Asian Americans, I see her.

A 91 year old Asian American man assaulted. Hit so hard his frail body goes completely airborne. Another in his 80s killed by a stranger. Another slashed by a knife across his face. They could be my grandparents, your parents or grandparents.

New Jersey’s 3rd district could decide control of Congress — and send Washington a powerful message about attacks on our health care.

Join my campaign at

I never thought I’d run for office — but I’ve always believed in service.

As a national security adviser to President Obama, I helped direct the war against ISIS and global terrorism. Working alongside Generals Petraeus and John Allen, we were able to save thousands from genocide and violence.

Then my congressman, multi-millionaire Republican Tom MacArthur, single-handedly revived the effort to repeal healthcare for more than 20 million Americans — and I knew…

Andy Kim for Congress

Former national security staffer under President Obama, now Democrat for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd district: #nj03

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