Replay App All That

Every day our students are doing amazing things as they work and learn together. Capturing these moments has never been easier. Here in Hastings Elementary Schools, all teachers are given an iPad and students have mini sets in their classrooms. The iPad’s camera is a marvelous documentation tool. With it teachers and students alike can record any moment and easily share it. It’s a supremely powerful capability and one we can build upon before sharing with our families, community, and the world.

Raw video is fine for informal viewing. It serves a purpose. Raw video, however, is typically underwhelming when viewed by individuals not present for the actual event. There’s a reason professional media is edited prior to delivery and viewing by the end user. Edited video is more polished, more professional, and far more engaging. Editing the video usually takes a particular set of skills, a vision, and time.

Enter Replay

Replay was featured at Apple’s 2014 Fall Keynote and instantly made anyone a video producer. The app automatically generates a fully-edited video, complete with transitions and effects coordinated with the flow of a music track it provides. The user need only select the photo and video in their desired order of appearance and Replay, nearly instantly, begins playing the fully-edited video.

If they so choose, the user has the ability to play a heavier roll in the finished product. Customizable features include, but are not limited to text, filters, themes, transitions, music, aspect ratios, video length, and source audio present. You can be as involved in the editing as you’d like, and you’ll always get a positive and polished result.

Here in Hastings, teachers are using Replay to capture moments, highlight weekly accomplishments, and document experiences before sharing with an audience. The simple user experience, and the ability to customize the video to your desired specifications, make this a go-to app for documenting and sharing our story. Here are a smattering of Replay videos built by teachers.

Michele Johnson (@michelejohn10): States of Matter Volcanoes
Melissa Black (@MrsMelissaBlack): with Second Grade
Carolyn Beaty (@missbeaty10): Hour of Code
Rachel Bachman (@jfkbachman): Minnesota Zoo Field Trip
Amber Barry: First Grade Fire Safety
Sara Knoll (@MsSaraKnoll): Conference Video

Replay Tips:

  • Purchase the full app if you are able.
    The app developers have provided an amazing resource. I encourage you to support their work, plus you will gain access to all the available themes. Purchases transfer between your iOS devices.
  • Always download the video to Photos
    This puts you in control. You choose how and where to share the video. You can also app-smash by using the saved Replay video in all apps to produce even greater, more creative, end product.
  • Publish your video to YouTube
    Any video hosting site will suffice, but I like YouTube because it is free, common, and everyone has access to it from anywhere, anytime, and on nearly any connected device. The app makes it easy.
  • Avoid sharing directly from the Replay App
    Replay has a way to share in-app, but I do not recommend using it. Replay stores a fair amount of data on your device and it will be necessary to purge that content regularly or your device will be bogged down. If you delete a Replay project that was shared through the app, that video is lost to the ages never to be viewed again.
  • Delete the video from the Replay once on YouTube
    Once you confirm that your finished Replay video is live on YouTube, you should delete that project from the Replay app to free-up precious storage space on your device.
  • Delete the Replay video from Photos
    Since the video is living online, there is little reason to keep it on your device. You can access that video anytime online. While you’re at it, you should delete all photos and video used in the Replay video after the video is published to free up additional space — completely delete it.
  • Google Photos backs up everything anyhow
    If you are running Google Photos on your device, all your finished Replay videos and all the photos and video you take on that device will be automatically backed-up to your Google account. If you ever do need that content, you can download it from Drive to any of your devices.

This post originally appeared in my Weebly Blog.