How to Treat Wrinkles on Face Naturally — Secret to Youthful Skin

The cosmetic, anti-ageing industry is a lucrative one and probably has been an obsession for humans since time immemorial. It explains the craze behind the fountain of youth and other mythical concept of reversing the ageing process.

Thanks to science, we can precisely (more so than before at least) determine the causes and treatments for wrinkles and ageing skin.

What Causes Wrinkles to Form?

There are several aspects to wrinkle formation and the deterioration of the skin.

The first resounding answer is genetics. If you have been favoured by the lucky draw to have highly elastic, somewhat plump skin, you may never have to deal with wrinkles. A simple trick to find out if you do, is to pinch your skin and if it doesn’t crease easily, then congratulations — you have it comparatively better than others with more wrinkle resistant skin.

Another source of damage is from environmental stresses namely sunlight. UV rays cause oxidative damage to skin cells which expresses itself as atrophy (cells shrinking or withering away) and wrinkling. In extreme cases, the radiation can cause mutations leading to skin cancer. So whilst on one hand, sunlight is important for vitamin D production, it can also cause quite a bit of chaos.

But sunlight isn’t the only environmental stress. Dry heat is another component of when it comes to wrinkling skin. The lack of moisture in the air dries out the skin faster which is why many anti-ageing formulas add ingredients to moisturise. The ‘cracking’ of aged skin is far more common in hotter, drier climates than anywhere in the world.

Oxidative damage from free radicals doesn’t only occur from the environment though but from the inside too. Degeneration of skin cells can occur from a poor diet and a lack of nutrition; certain foods can lead to chronic inflammation which slows down the renewal of skin cells and eat up the anti-oxidants protecting your skin. Since a major component in skin is formed of the protein collagen, ensuring your protein intake is sufficient will allow for skin cell repair and production.

(Note: I may have repeated myself on this before, but bio-available protein sources are mostly animal based as they share similar amino acid structures to humans)

Oxidation can even occur from stress, smoking and other carcinogens so these will all accelerate ageing and cause wrinkling on the skin. In fact, stress deserves a whole section on it’s own of why it is strongly correlated with wrinkles. Researchers from Yale University, found that women who had lower bone densities, regardless of their weight or size, had more wrinkles. It just so happens to be that chronic stress, which produces cortisol, can erode bones and reduce bone density. Strange.

Solutions — The Secret to Youthful Skin

We know the causes so it’s much easier to determine a solution now.


The first most obvious one is to protect yourself from UV rays where possible. Using suncream when you’re out in the sun for example is a great preventive measure and has been backed by the skin cancer foundation.

We know drier climates are worse for the skin so keeping a humidifier in your house to add moisture in the air will prevent your skin from drying naturally. Your skin does contain oils to prevent that from happening so it is simply meant as an aid, especially if you live in dry country.

Food and Water

Eating a bio-available, protein rich diet with your greens will ensure you are getting sufficient collagen to heal the skin. Avoid high sugar foods and fried foods as they can lead to chronic inflammation which is bad for the reasons already mentioned.

It is also a good idea to supplement your diet with powerful anti-oxidants, also known as super-antioxidants, asthaxanthin and zeaxanthin. These are present in spinach and kale but also effective in softgel form.

Staying hydrated is also vital. Almost everyone knows the correlation between healthy skin and water intake so make sure you apply it. It will keep skin cells turgid, flush out the toxins in the kidneys and keep the skin looking fresh. Be sure to keep your salt and electrolyte intake proportionally as high, as your body would be losing them faster.

Immortal’s Oil

Immortal’s oil is a handy little oil to keep the skin in tip-top condition. It’s a natural oil that will boost blood circulation to the skin which is a great solution in reducing the prominence of wrinkles and lines on your face. The more oxygen and nutrients supplied to the skin through the blood, the healthier it would be. It also contains some effective anti-oxidants like sesamol that protect the skin from further damage and alleviates inflammation.

Applying and massaging this to the skin will also keep it hydrated without blocking pores or interfering with the sebum already present on the skin. Because of this unique ability, it doesn’t fall into the trap that most popular anti-ageing serums which end up causing inflammation and breakouts on certain skin types.


Some areas where lines and wrinkles develop are actually facial muscles that have become dense from constant use. One example is in between the eyes, where a hard line forms through the middle. These are actually far easier to eliminate and simply massaging it and consciously relaxing that area on the face is enough to reduce its appearance in a matter of weeks.

Facial massages are useful in general, as they improve the blood circulation however, the degree of improvement in blood circulation may not be enough for deeper wrinkles to completely disappear, at least through massage alone.


When the skin starts to sag and lose elasticity, it is usually the lack of collagen to blame. Even if you do eat protein-rich foods, a very effective and immediate solution is to support it with beef, hydrolysed collagen supplements.

This is a powdered form of collagen extracted from beef which has been hydrolysed for instant absorption. Within the first week you will notice an immediate in improvement in skin and hair quality. It is definitely a must for the supplement cupboard.

“I should apply anti-ageing creams before I start getting wrinkles”

A common fear is that once you get wrinkles it’s too late to do anything about it, which is why many young women resort to expensive anti-ageing creams well before any signs of wrinkling. Not only is this an unsustainable lifestyle but the approach is misguided, even if the mindset is a good one.

If you imagine a flower that has been watered well, given the right soil, the correct nutrients with sufficient sunlight — it is bound to bloom into something beautiful. Apply the same logic to your own body; keep it the right conditions and you’ve already helped yourself much more than any product can.

So if you can do one thing a day, focus it towards a positive goal for the betterment of your health (or skin) as opposed to fighting a perceived inevitability.