Less is more

Earlier, I lousily started typing away my second post with a generic title and a lame reflection on how brief I managed to keep my first post. But I stopped and stared at the first paragraph for a good 5 minutes (yeah, I got time on my hands) and eventually decided I could have done something better so I trashed it.

Given that I am now persuaded my blog will, one day, have millions of readers (rather than none - out of the two options I had predicted), I would like every single post to carry a meaning.

So after I trashed it I went back to doing what I had been doing for the whole day: trying to fix a problem in my app. Yes, I am trying to build an app and I am doing it using several different JavaScript-based frameworks. I haven’t always been a “programmer” and to do this day I don’t really see myself as one, rather I consider myself an apprentice or a web developer at the best (given that JavaScript was at least initially a web based technology, later adapted to server and client usage). Probably in some later post I will delve deeper into my past but for now I’d just like to focus on what I am doing at the moment, and that is coding.

Coding is fascinating. It’s an art, as most complex things, and if mastered can yield beautiful results.

So while I was fixing the problem I had one of those “Eureka!” moments, like an epiphany, and then a brief burst of joy for having found the solution. A solution which entailed taking away something, rather than adding it. Making things more simple rather than complicating them. Being a strong advocate of simplicity I couldn’t help but think once again “less is more”.

Finally I had also found inspiration for the title of my second post.