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The Digital Workers Creating the Decentralised Covid Economy

This article is taken from the Workforce Futurist Newsletter

There are many ways to earn in 2020.

From labourers to playbourers, carers to sharers, and tippers to strippers.

There’s talk of a passion economy told by passionate platform investors — most people just want enough money to pay for their passions.

There’s also talk of a remote work revolution told by excited software vendors — the physical location of some work has changed - but the organisation of that work is still very much centralised.

53% of the world’s working-age women are not in the labour force.

They DO work — it’s just not recognised or monetised. …

Wanted — Very clever young people — Image from Daily Mail
Wanted — Very clever young people — Image from Daily Mail
Wanted - Misfits and Weirdos

Dear Dominic,

I read your job advert and would like to apply to work in your team.

I could programme neural networks in 1995, have hung out with project managers on disastrous government shared-service programmes, and had strange visions on how we could build a much better infrastructure of work for the 2020s. I’ve been around the world and back in the last few years, but feel I should spend more time in Blighty as it might just be a bit kiboshed.

I think I might qualify as “a weirdo and misfit with odd skills” and the most appropriate role is People, Ideas and Machines Adviser to the Chief Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. …

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Drucker Forum — Work Ecosystems

The world of work can be seen as a complex ecosystem with many interdependent species including workers, employers, suppliers, and regulators. In predicting the impact of technology on the future of work, the prevailing economic narrative focuses on changes to jobs and tasks caused by automation. We need to examine the impact that the same technology has already had on workers and our societies, and also the infrastructure we use to organise our work.

The internet has provided new ways to spend our time, whether in gaming, shopping, socialising or watching movies. We also have more options to earn money, from payments for clicking adverts, to producing videos or paid tasks designing, coding, writing or driving. …


Andrew Spence

Passionate about making work better. MSc in Cognitive Science and #AI. Subscribe to #WorkforceFuturist Newsletter for updates.

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