Before and After Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution There Is and Will Be Andy Caffrey’s Electoral Revolution: A Comparison


I was asked what is the difference between Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution and Andy Caffrey’s Electoral Revolution. Here is my answer.

It is critical to the survival of the planet and human civilization that Bernie supporters start pushing Bernie’s campaign right now into alignment with my electoral revolution vision to create a New Green America and a New Green Planet that gets us off fossil fuels in ten years!

These are the memes we should be urging the parties, social activist groups and every kind of media to push into the Presidential and Congressional campaigns of 2016. This is a vision that can unite enough Americans to redirect the country away from planetary omnicide. This is how we confront all of the candidates and all of conservative America.

Please share widely, especially to Bernie and Hillary supporters! Thanks!

Comparing Bernie’s Political Revolution to Andy’s Electoral Revolution.

My revolution is centered in the horrifying ecological, social, and economic reality that Bernie seems to be oblivious to: imminent polar ice sheet collapse and 20 feet of rapid global sea level increase this century.

I was the only person researching, publishing,and organizing about it starting 20 years ago. I was the only person who got the prediction right, which is why it has been fundamental to all of my political and economic thinking ever since.

That makes me the world’s leading expert on it and what to do about it, while Bernie remains oblivious to our greatest national security failure. So he has no leadership to offer the nation in dealing with this ultimate threat to our nation: 132 nations over the next few decades are going to lose all of their coastline property. Billions of people must now be relocated before it becomes too late, before nations collapse.

The world scientific community first caught up when NASA made an announcement in May 2014 that they were certain that the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is “unstoppable.” In July 2015 James Hansen’s team published that because of this, the world is now going to se at least ten feet of global sea level rise over the next 50 years with an acceleration of rise in the decades following.

This means we are certain to see 20 feet of global sea level rise this century. That makes the climate denialists in government the greatest traitors to humanity in history. We can’t work with them! They must all be ousted from power and prosecuted. Nothing short of that will allow humans to organize enough changes to make any significant difference in the course of ecocide.

You can read that I warned of exactly this in the Summer 1998 issue of Earth Island Journal. So I’m the only person now who has lived with this reality for 20 years and the only person who understands how much we have to change human civilization and how fast in order to not blow it all.

Bernie’s revolution focuses almost entirely on just getting him elected president with a call for millions of people to come to DC after his inauguration to protest for things like free college.

The critics are correct that he won’t be able to get anything through with this kind of “revolution.” But Hillary won’t be able to get anything through either. This is a fundamental blindspot, a planetarily lethal one that I do not have.

My electoral revolution focuses on me now but only as the first model of how we can displace the plutocrats eg in Congress with citizen/community leader politicians, just like the German Greens originally envisioned and organized it. So I’m talking about literally ousting the rulers nonviolently using organization around voting them out en masse.

I recognized that all of the Republicans and 90+% of the Democrats are psychopaths and fascists. They love the empire. They love class society. They abandon the disadvantaged. They lack any coherent vision other than the model of the plutocrats. The truly lack conscience.

This is why no Democrat is going to get any more through a Republican-controlled House and Senate than Obama got. That is lethal to the planet.

I use the term revolution literally. I mean ousting the class that is ruling our democracy and us grabbing the wheels of those federal institutions of our democracy and redirecting the economy, political and social policy, massively changing taxation and internalizing ecological and social costs and going full speed ahead to rebuilding a bioregionally-centric post fossil fuel, post-nuclear economic infrastructure as fast as possible.

Bernie’s revolution is only marginally aware of the raging ecocide around us and the massive collapse of ecosystems. My revolution is centered in that reality and setting priorities from that awareness. Bernie’s has no ecological measurements.

Mine is oriented around the realities of polar ice sheet collapse and how that absolutely means we have to immediately shut down and commence decommissioning all of the world’s coastal nuclear power plants.

That means we the people have to figure out now what we are actually going to do with nuclear waste. We have twenty years to move it all away from the coasts, so what do we do about it. What is the least bad choice according to the anti-nuclear power activist movement?

It also means we have to deal internationally with a similar bioregionalizing of the rest of the world’s economies too. I think that should be paid for based on each nation’s and each industries’ historical burden from emitting greenhouse gasses. So this revolution is global too, unlike Bernie’s.

Bernie’s doesn’t oust the plutocrats from power, so it is doomed to fail on every major issue and will not prevent total ecological collapse, the collapse of human civilization by century’s end, and omnicide within 3–400 years: a dead planet.

In fact that is the bottom line as to why I’ve been pursuing this for ten years now. Because it is the only model that has any vision for how we can prevent huge amounts of that, and if the great ocean conveyer doesn’t stall, prevent omnicide and maintain enough biodiversity to perpetuate indefinitely an evolving biosphere.

My electoral revolution does not require membership in any party, and can be pursued at least in part, in most of the political parties. So my electoral revolution is actually fundamentally extrapolitical and centered in culture, certainly not in ideology.

What I’m creating is an architecture for saving the planet and radically improving the human condition, while reintegrating it into the global ecosystem.