Rebuttal to The Young Turks: “Bernie Sanders Denounces Volunteer Who Shot Congressman” video

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You are really missing the point. It’s not about whether you or I “applaud” Hodgkinson. It’s about understanding what is going on in our nation as reflected in Hodkinson’s shooting. It’s not about, was Hodgkinson towing the good Bernie line and he missed Bernie’s message. He wasn’t becoming a Berniecrat: he was just working to help Bernie win the vote for whatever reasons Hodgkinson thought that was a good thing to do.

Bernie obviously had to say, as I would say if Hodgkinson had been a volunteer for my Congressional campaign, that there is no place for any kind of violence in any of my campaigns or organizing projects. We only espouse nonviolent strategies and tactics.

But almost everyone on the left sounds like an idiot about this. First, almost every Republicans and a huge number of Democrats in Congress DO meet the diagnostic criteria for a psychopath. That means they are conscienceless, which is pretty much the same thing as evil.

This is critically important for EVERYONE to get, because it means we have to oust these plutocratic petrocratic pols in either party from power to save the planet, our nation, our people, and our liberties.

That is why we need an electoral revolution. There is no reform strategy that can work in time.

But we act as if they are normal people who just have conservative/religious world views. But the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is now, according to NASA and JPL, “unstoppably” collapsing and causing an also unstoppable 20 feet of sea level rise!

For one reason, every one of 132 nations that have ocean coastlines is going to lose every square foot of its coastal land and all of its harbors to 20-feet rapid sea level rise to climate denialism-caused polar ice sheet collapse. None of you have confronted this reality.

You have to be evil to be a politician who used his power to keep profits before people and the planet. Every member of Congress has access to presentations by the best scientists in the world. When it comes to ice sheet collapse, every one has sworn an oath to protect our land and our people as well as our Constitution. But they chose to undermine our national security. it makes them traitors.

In that light, Hodgkinson’s shootings can be seen akin to the Patriot shootings of Tories in the Revolution. It can be seen as akin to every shooting by every U.S. soldier against the Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, Nicaraguans, etc.

James Hodgkinson’s actions should be evaluated as a political shooting, not vacuously dismissed as the actions of a mad man or a Bernie supporter who just didn’t get Bernie’s message. The real question then is, are the Republicans and Democrats who have destroyed the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and are on track to demolishing the Greenland ice sheet and halting the Great Ocean Conveyor current as bad as the Brits and the Tories who wouldn’t give the colonists their own representation in Parliament and the Stamp Act they imposed on them?

If you think the Patriots of ’76 were justified or even heroes, then are the same violent acts with guns waged against the psychopathic petrocratic traitors who have made and guaranteed the collapse of ice sheets and 20–44 feet of rapid sea level rise over the next century morally deserving of similar violent acts?

So I think we should be examining, the fact that we live in a pathocracy (govt of psychopaths) that has supported the plutocracy in betrayal of their nation and is in fact dismantling our democracy. People who have literally shattered Earth’s polar ice sheets to keep profits going to EXXON.

We let them get away with saying, “I am not a scientist! Global warming is a hoax!” while we sat and quietly, passively watched them destroy the life support systems of the planet, and just got upset when they sent out a sexist or racist tweet!

But if you are a member of Congress you have a sworn duty to learn the science you must understand to recognize and respond adequately to all threats to our national security, to American lives and their property, and to our commons and the Earth itself!

We shouild oust them, try them, and convict them. Not shoot them.

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