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Yesterday, a friend of mine shared with me the great news that he was planning on starting a family and asked: “what is the one skill that you would love to teach your daughter as she grows up?” Almost immediately I answered, “the ability to make smart decisions on a consistent basis when I am not in the room.”

One trait that I believe has shaped me profoundly in the decisions I make in my career, with my family and in life, is the ability to make decisions guided by a set of principles…

South London Innovation Corridor Launch Event

Last night my colleagues and I had the pleasure of launching OneTech as part of the South London Innovation Corridor (SLIC) programme with Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark and Wandsworth.

During a networking reception at the tail end of the event, I caught up with Nicola Whyte, [Economic Development Programme Manager, South London Innovation Corridor], who shared,

“We have attracted the audience we want to serve. Those that live and work in our boroughs. We want to leave no one behind.”

Those words, ‘leave no one behind,’ was a powerful reminder to me of the importance of the programme we have just…

One Tech anniversary event panel on Alternative Funding

On the 29th November, I will be hosting a breakfast session with Capital Enterprise at Geovation to discuss the growing need for alternative capital emerging in order to fix the funding gap for first time founders.

You can grab a ticket here.

Between my blog, newsletter, book, investing and the work I do as Entrepreneur-In-Residence with OneTech, I’ve had the privilege of serving and supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs discover and create products that customers love.

Those that know me well, know that I always have a Google Doc pinned to my mobile and desktop where I keep a journal. A…

By Andy Ayim, EIR at One Tech

As we near the end of Black History Month in the UK, our hope is that black British history surpasses a months celebration to become an integral part of British history. There are dozens, if not hundreds of unsung black heroes across British history from Alice Kinloch, the South African activist who came to Britain and founded the African Association who created the first Pan-African conference in London in 1900. To others such as modern day educator, rapper, entrepreneur and activist, Akala. …

Introducing 5 New UK Accelerator Companies

Andy Ayim is the Managing Director of Backstage London, a 3-month program designed to give underrepresented founders the support they need to reach their next critical milestone.

The 5 companies joining us for our first ever cohort of Backstage London are as diverse, energetic, and vibrant as the city we call home. …

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“Am I externally defined? Can I let go of the roles and rules imposed by society? — I ask myself” — Andy Ayim

Stepping away from Yearly Goals

These are the type of questions I asked myself when reflecting on the hyper-individuality of society where we become separate from everyone developing a singular purpose defined in comparison to everyone else. In reality like the South African philosophy Ubuntu dictates, ‘I am because of you.’ A few years ago I started a journey to realise what parts of me were defined by the expectations and influence of others. I have since learned to let go of…

My cousin, brother, and me

By Andy Ayim, Managing Director of the newly launched Backstage Accelerator in London.

A few months ago, over lunch a friend mentioned:

“I first came across your name from your writing [articles] but I had no clue that you had this experience and your story was so unique.”

That comment was the catalyst for writing this post. In this post, I want to break down the components that led me to start writing and how travelling, entrepreneurship, product management, and diversity in tech has provided me with a satisfying career to date as well as rare experiences.

These seemingly unrelated…

When history tells my story I want it to say: “…..”

Such a simple question to ask oneself, yet so difficult to answer consistently. I believe in iterating on answers to deep questions like these although I have started to find some consistently in my answer to this question.

“Andy Ayim was an Entrepreneur who created pathways for exceptional people from lower income communities to break into tech. He believed there was a huge untapped labour force with high potential in these communities. He was right”

I have highlighted the key components that make this both meaningful and accountable in…

Andy Ayim @ Bloom & Wild

Every year in a document I call my ‘Momentum Journal’ I track personal lessons learned & achievements throughout the year just so that I have an audit trail to look back at each year.

This year I wanted to share just a few of the things I am grateful for that I noted throughout the year.

  1. Proud my articles were featured in newsletters I read regularly such as Mattermark and Femstreet.
  2. Proud to be featured in publications I read such as Forbes and Financial Times.
  3. Resigned after two and a half years at international money startup WorldFirst. …

Backstage London team in Philly.

Andy Ayim is the Managing Director of Backstage London. This is the first in a series of stories introducing the Backstage Accelerator team in London.

Amplifying Voices

Last year, through some chance, frustration, and a stroke of genius, I had arrived at an inflection point in my writing. I began to share stories about what I was learning in tech with a tone of voice that came from the streets I was raised in. It was sometimes assertive, always authentic, and very unapologetic. …

Andy Ayim

@AndysHVC | 🚀 Phil 4:13 | 🌍Father, Business Builder, Patient Capital Investor |💡 Angel Investing School

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