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Yesterday, a friend of mine shared with me the great news that he was planning on starting a family and asked: “what is the one skill that you would love to teach your daughter as she grows up?” Almost immediately I answered, “the ability to make smart decisions on a consistent basis when I am not in the room.”

One trait that I believe has shaped me profoundly in the decisions I make in my career, with my family and in life, is the ability to make decisions guided by a set of principles. I call these my guiding principles; essentially they are a shortlist of mental models that tie into my beliefs. …

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South London Innovation Corridor Launch Event

Last night my colleagues and I had the pleasure of launching OneTech as part of the South London Innovation Corridor (SLIC) programme with Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark and Wandsworth.

During a networking reception at the tail end of the event, I caught up with Nicola Whyte, [Economic Development Programme Manager, South London Innovation Corridor], who shared,

Those words, ‘leave no one behind,’ was a powerful reminder to me of the importance of the programme we have just launched. The diversity of age, gender and ethnicity among attendees reminded us about why our programme’s existence was necessary. …

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One Tech anniversary event panel on Alternative Funding

On the 29th November, I will be hosting a breakfast session with Capital Enterprise at Geovation to discuss the growing need for alternative capital emerging in order to fix the funding gap for first time founders.

You can grab a ticket here.

Between my blog, newsletter, book, investing and the work I do as Entrepreneur-In-Residence with OneTech, I’ve had the privilege of serving and supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs discover and create products that customers love.

Those that know me well, know that I always have a Google Doc pinned to my mobile and desktop where I keep a journal. A habit I started five years ago. One of the blessings of keeping a journal is that it reveals to me the things I am curious about and the decisions I make. When I looked back and connected the dots earlier this year, I noticed a pattern emerging among the pool of founders who bootstrapped (took no/ or little external funding) their startups and were able to successfully replace their income, hire a team and quit their jobs. …


Andy Ayim

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