11 Things I Am Grateful for in 2018

Andy Ayim
Andy Ayim
Dec 27, 2018 · 2 min read
Andy Ayim @ Bloom & Wild

Every year in a document I call my ‘Momentum Journal’ I track personal lessons learned & achievements throughout the year just so that I have an audit trail to look back at each year.

This year I wanted to share just a few of the things I am grateful for that I noted throughout the year.

  1. Proud my articles were featured in newsletters I read regularly such as Mattermark and Femstreet.
  2. Proud to be featured in publications I read such as Forbes and Financial Times.
  3. Resigned after two and a half years at international money startup WorldFirst. Highlight was working with a world star product team in the UK and Hong Kong.
  4. Attended dozens of events but particular highlights were AfroTech Fest (UK) and Northstar (Philly). Both were excellent representations of Black talent in Tech globally.
  5. Loved all the moments spent with family, a particular highlight was spending 10 days alone with my daughter (8 months old at the time) and visiting Glasgow as my partner had to travel.
  6. Moved into a new home with my family (it was on my wishlist of nearly 3 years).
  7. Delivered a keynote on Hiring from the Margins to Wonderbly, Bloom & Wild and Product Tank.
  8. Learned a lot about perseverance, determination and faith (God is great) by a close family I am friends with who went through testing times with their daughter.
  9. Hosted an AMA with Abadesi on Product Hunt with Marlon C. Nichols.
  10. My partner arranged a memorable 30th birthday for me with some of closest friends (two travelled all the way from L.A.) — Thank you.
  11. Went from interviewing Arlan, the founder of Backstage Capital for a podcast last year to joining the team to work on the London Accelerator and prove the value in investing in underestimated entrepreneurs.
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