Andyy Hope
Jan 14, 2017 · 1 min read

Hey there, Marc.

I’m Andyy, the organiser of Playgrounds. It’s a bit hard to say, because I dont fully know about your experience. Are you completely new to Swift and iOS, or are you coming from another language and platform?

One thing I can tell you is that Playgrounds will focus less on how to make apps but more on how to write Swift code and follow best practices. It’s primarily a Swift conference and would presume the attendees are at least partially familiar with the language.

There’s also the social aspect of the event, it’s great to network and meet new people from which you can keep in touch with and learn from even after the event has finished.

Hope this answers your questions, if you have any more, you can get in touch via the Contact web form on the website.

Hope to see you at Playgrounds!

    Andyy Hope

    Written by

    Australian iOS Engineer living in SF, Blogger, Speaker, Organiser of Playgrounds Conference, Founder of Wu-Tang Clang

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