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iOS Developer Resources: Newsletters and Mailing Lists

Keeping up with all the stuff that’s going on with iOS can be incredibly tough, especially because all the best stuff is scattered around the interwebs. Sometimes it helps to let other people find that stuff for you, package it up nicely and summarise everything so you can keep up to date with minimal time and effort. Here’s a list of newsletters I’ve subscribed to, some weekly, others as they come. If I’ve missed any, let me know in the comments.

iOS Dev Weekly

This is probably the newsletter for iOS developers, it’s delivered each Friday afternoon (Saturday morning if you’re in Australia, which goes great with your morning coffee). Dave gives a nice summary of great things that have happened in iOS land for that week by linking to great articles, and open source code.

This Week in Swift

This newsletter is to Swift what iOS Dev Weekly is to iOS. If you’re looking for the best summary of the week that was for Swift, look no further than Natasha The Robot’s newsletter. The best thing about this newsletter is that she also summarises her own learnings for the week as well as posting the best posts from around the web, as well as videos and open source code.

Swift Weekly

Another great newsletter which compiles all the cool stuff that’s happened in Swift for the past week or so. Swift Weekly includes things such as resources, videos, open source code, articles and tutorials.

The iOS Times

Shout outs to a fellow Melbourne developer, @mokagio created the iOS Times which sends it’s subscribers a weekly summary of great open source code for iOS developers to pick up, learn from and use in their own projects.

Realm Videos

A simple mailing list to let you know when new videos relating to iOS development recorded from conferences around the world are ready to be viewed. Definitely recommend subscribing to this one.

Apple Swift

If you want to keep up with the development of Swift, there’s no better way than to subscribe to these mailing lists. However, some words of advice:

  • Opt in to the daily digest
  • Only subscribe to the topics you are really interested in
  • Dont forget your password!

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