Teach Me How To Feel
Abby Norman

Zoloft slows one down so it feels like wading waist deep with water.

All medications become less effective with time, simply because our body adjusts to them and to get the same effect you have to up the dose like a drug addict chasing that original hit. Because we adapt to the drug we then move to the next stage which is while taking them we can have withdrawal symptoms simply because we aren’t taking enough, recognise the mouse running inside the spinning wheel outcome. With some antidepressants you can be fine now and a nano second later intensely suicidal and then five minutes later back to being fine.

Research shows that 90% of suicides are literally spontaneous not preplanned, those that preplan are generally sending a message a cry for help for which we need to recognise the message being sent.

Withdrawing antidepressants have to be managed as some have horrendous side effects and are far harder to withdraw from than the narcotics.

Medical research is progressing rapidly and Depression is now recognised as having physiological origins and auto immune system triggers. Nothing to do with genetic propensities or any other claimed cause. I doubt if this research has flowed through to Med School teaching or Dr’s continuing education programmes but it will get there.

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