Waste Not, Want Not
Jonathan Foley

I don’t quite understand why food waste v/s higher yield is a debate.

To make an analogy, a family that is trying to live within their means might look to both sides: increasing their income, and also trying not to fritter away their existing income. Not only are both goals not in conflict, we would be surprised to find a family that only looks to one side or the other for ideological reasons.

Another point: biotech is a new field. It provides us a set of tools and should not be judged based only on what the tools have been used for till now. It is probably where silicon tech was in the 1960s. One could hardly have imagined smart phones when the norm was a great lumbering mainframe humming in clean rooms. Perhaps biotech will end up doing much greater things than it has till now, and perhaps it won’t. We might need patience to wait and see.

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