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Today I want to help you with something that is probably very relevant for a lot of you: finding a room in Maastricht. When you Google a bit on housing in Maastricht you will come across websites like Maastricht Housing, Jules Maastricht, Kamernet and Housing Anywhere. These are agencies that offer different types of housing for students (rooms, apartments, studios) and often have quite a lot of choice, in different price categories. However, there’s also other ways to find a room in Maastricht, for example through the Facebook page ‘Rooms in Maastricht’ or at the Maastricht University Guesthouse.

If you only find an unfurnished apartment or a furnished one but you don’t like the furniture, how to solve the problem in the most convenient way? Make sure to check out FurnIT. They care of all these inconveniences in order for you to arrive and leave Maastricht with good memories. The recipe: An innovative, all-inclusive student focused furniture rental service! Create your customized furniture package online, they take care of the rest. They ship it to your front door, carry it all the way up into your accommodation, assemble it and clear the room for you when you leave. Easy, isn’t it? I also made use of it and can only highly recommend it.

But how do you decide where in Maastricht you want to live? To help you with this I will provide you with a brief description of some of the different neighborhoods in Maastricht. . You can’t really go wrong in Maastricht, but you will notice that the different locations have their own, very specific character. I will focus on the few most ‘central’ ones. 
 Around the marketplace

The market and the streets around it form the ‘heart’ of Maastricht so to say. The whole area has been nicely restored and what immediately catches the eye on the market square is the 17th century town hall. Around the square you will find a lot of nice cafes and restaurants and there are also some options for partying. Most of these places only start to get crowded after 2 or 3 at night when the crowd moves from the Platielstraat to the market square. I lived in a street close to the market square for a year, which I very much enjoyed. You’re in the middle of the city center so you always feel surrounded by people and everything is within 10 minutes walking distance: the station, the SBE, Vrijthof etc. The only downside to living here is that it can get quite noisy in some streets, early in the morning when the shops get their deliveries or late at night, when people return from parties.
 Around the Vrijthof
Vrijthof square is a really lovely square with the Sint Servaas Basilica and the Sint Jans church. The Vrijthof is surrounded by cafes, restaurants and terraces that can get really crowded during summer. The atmosphere on the square may remind you of cities like Brussels or Paris. There’s always a lot of activities on the Vrijthof square, one of the first ones being Winter Wonderland (which I will talk about in another post). The Tongersestraat, the street at which the SBE is located, is connected to the Vrijthof so having a room somewhere around here would be ideal location-wise. However, the rent around here can be quite expensive.
Wyck is the neighborhood that connects the central station to the city centre. I lived in this area for 3 years and it is definitely my favourite. Wyck has really unique cafes and shops. Café Zondag is one of my most loved lunch spots in Maastricht. The atmosphere there is really nice and relaxed and their music choice is a big bonus. If you appreciate a good kebab, try the Musti stand next to the station. It doesn’t look that special, but it definitely is!
Walking through the Jekerkwartier you will gasp at the idyllic little streets with the scenic atmosphere. Here you will find the main park, which is a good spot to hang out during summer. The old city walls together with the music coming from the music academy can lead to nostalgic mood swings. Here you will also find the UM library, so living around here might have some study-related perks. Try Cafe Lure for a tasty sandwich to refuel your energy during a study break. 
Céramique, with its stunning architecture is definitely a neighbourhood you shouldn’t ignore. On Plein 1992 (it’s the name of the main square in Céramique), you will find a Coffeelovers. They serve the best coffee! There are two other locations of Coffeelovers as far as I know, one inside the Student Service Center at the Bonnefantenstraat 2 and the other one inside the church-turned-bookstore at the Dominicanerplein (which you should definitely visit, the Guardian once called it ‘The fairest bookshop of the world, a bookshop made in heaven’). You can reach the Plein 1992 via the new walking bridge; you can spot this bridge if you are on the Sint Servaasbrug (this is the 13th century stone bridge that connects Wyck with the main city centre).


A bit aside from the city center (10min by bike) is also a medium-sized mall called Brusselseport located in the Via Regia where you can find supermarkets, lunch possibilities, clothing stores. It is quite near the SBE and located nearby a big park which also leads you to the river and Belgium. There are usually very nice and newly renovated appartments which are not too expensive and a complex with all different kinds if doctors. If you are there make sure to check out the Turkish supermarket which has the best offers in town regarding fresh fruits, veggies, fish and meat.

Also, you can check out a virtual campus map from Maastricht to get a better orientation where everything is located.

I hope this helps you in finding a nice room in Maastricht but if you have any more questions, please feel free to send me a message or open a discussion!
 Happy Sharing and good luck! :)