What to do in your Leisure Time? — Series 1

With this post I will introduce you to following series of blog posts that will all deal with how to spend your leisure time the best way. Today I will talk about your possibility to participate as an active member in the study association of our faculty: SCOPE Maastricht. In order to meet the interests and needs of the various study programs and tracks, SCOPE Maastricht was created- the umbrella organization for the specialized study associations SCOPE | 3MA (Marketing, Organisation, Strategy, Supply Chain Management), SCOPE | Economics (Economic Studies, Infonomics), SCOPE | FOCUS (Accounting, Controlling, Finance) and SCOPE | Vectum (Econometrics & Operations Research). SCOPE Maastricht represents an impressive number of more than 4000 members — bachelor as well as master students and is therefore the biggest Study Association in Maastricht.

Scope Maastricht — The Umbrella

Similar to student life, SCOPE Maastricht seeks a balance between academic as well as social activities. Summaries, exam trainings, extra tutorials and skills trainings offer passive members further educational preparation and development. Company visits and extra skill trainings offer you real life insights and create a valuable link between your theoretical curriculum and the practical corporate life. Parties, the foreign trip and our member magazine ‘The SCOPE’ get you socially involved and thus make your personal Maastricht experience supporting, fun and enriching. SCOPE Maastricht and the SCOPE associations are non-profit organizations. The associations are closely linked with the faculty — all activities are organized by students! As an active members you would be part of organizing tutorials, parties, trips and tons of other things or you can choose to mainly organize events and journeys in your preferred disciplines.


This track focuses on Marketing, Organisation, Strategy, Supply Chain Management. The Board and its active members organize several academic and career events throughout the year. The next big event would be for example The IT Management Day. These professional events are a perfect opportunity for students to show their talent to potential future employers and to experience more of the practical side of their studies.


Just as the track before, Scope focus organizes academic and career events, including The Maastricht Business Days, International Financial Orientation Days 2016 in Johannesburg and many others. It mainly focuses on Accounting, Controlling, Finance. Also, there is club you can join called Sigma Investments. Sigma Investments organizes numerous activities for its members ranging from highly interesting guest lectures to well-arranged company visits. The special events arranged by the investment club may serve educational purposes or provide opportunities relevant for the future careers of the respective members. Also, you could participate in writing the SCOPE FOCUS Magazine InFOCUS.

SCOPE | Economics

SCOPE Economics focuses on economics and infonomics. Active Members take on extra responsibilities by providing other students with great opportunities related to the broad field of economics. They do so by organizing various academic, career and social events for both members and nonmembers, including Trips, Workshops, Career Events, Activities. This year they organized the Foreign Trip to Russia visiting Moscow and St.Peterburg. The Scoponomist keeps you up-to-date about all important events.

SCOPE | Vectum

This track of the associations is focused on Econometrics & Operations Research. Their main goal, is to offer the students insights into real world applications outside the university. The most important way they achieve this is by establishing a direct link between companies and the students. There is the yearly Vectum Congress, an event filled with lectures, a panel discussion and cases. Furthermore, we organise several in-house days and at least once a year a Business trip to a business capital, where we visit several possible employers. In cooperation with LOES they offer the LED as a large recruiting event every year. Finally, they provide a platform on this page for companies to promote open positions and for students to browse through interesting companies. Again, also they have a magazine called PerVectum.

All of them offer many possibilities to get active which you should not miss. I was a member of Scope Maastricht myself and organized the MyBuddy Program. In the next weeks, I will tell you more about Student and Sport Associations.

Stay tuned!


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