Troubles of a Good Samaritan

I know I did a good thing, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

For some reason there is still this crushing weight on my chest because I know in a few days, if I’m not able to find them a house, this adorable and extremely fragile pair of puppies will be back on the streets from where I picked them up. Right there in the middle of traffic, without their mother, without anyone to care for them or feed them.

When I see them cuddling at night, nuzzling into each other,it crushes me, because I know the odds are against them, despite my best efforts to find them a home or someone to care for them till they are old enough. There are just not enough homes.

And to think that there are hundreds of such puppies, fighting for survival every single day is beyond overwhelming.

It may be selfish, but at times I wish I had not got involved, so that I could spare myself this internal turmoil.

But I know me, and no matter what it does to me, I will keep getting involved. Because no matter what happens in the coming few days, if nothing else, I gave these little guys a fighting chance, and that makes it all worthwhile.

P.S- Thankfully, a very kind-hearted man took them in recently and they are going to have a great life!